Specialty Papers


We are equipped with a distinctive collection of graphic paper stocks designed to cater to the different
needs of our customers and help them achieve superior outcomes for any project and stage in the creative process, from ideation to the production of finished pieces.
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Hansol's packaging paper made with eco-friendly raw materials not only enhances the brand's environment-friendly image, but also helps brands to meet customers' needs.
With differentiated quality, packaging paper also protects the products inside while helping to drive customers' choice with well-made packaging.

From the facestock to liners, you will get all you want in paper label materials.

Our Dye Sublimation Paper has been used globally since the very beginning of sublimation industry, and we have been developing new items to meet various market demands.

Thermal Paper is coated with special chemicals that allow the colors to change when they are exposed to heat. Hansol Paper offers a wide range of thermal paper products catering to different demands for POS and ATM receipts, labels, and gaming tickets.

Specialty paper that could be used in various industry application

Hansol Paper is continuously striving to develop eco-friendly materials and papers. To overcome the limitations of traditional paper, we are committed to unveiling higher quality products through the development of new materials and paper technologies. Currently, we are doing our utmost to ensure that such new products, utilizing cellulose fibril materials, will be commercialized.

  • Commercial Printing

    This paper is used for printing and writing and divided into coated paper or non-coated paper depending on the coating availability. Suitable for mass printing and mainly used for publishing and flyer field such as books, textbooks, diaries, publications, catalogues, and calendars.

  • Premium Printing

    More bulky and soft compared to general coated paper (art paper/matte paper) with a natural texture and touch. Available in a broad range of low to high grammage.

  • Colored

    Used color dye to produce dozens of colors, ranging from natural pastel to vivid colors.

  • Textured

    Paper with distinctive and unique textures engraved using mark roll or felt.

  • Pearlescent

    Finely coated paper to reflect the soft and delicate feeling of pearls.

  • Fiber-blended

    Eco-friendly paper made with certain fibers or powder, which speckles can be seen on the surface of the paper

  • Functional Paper Packaging

    Functional paper is a sustainable flexible packaging material with barrier, heat sealing and a range of performance completed with our innovative technologies. It can be applied from food packing to pouch according to the customer's needs.

  • Boxboard

    This is an eco-friendly industrial paper made by using only base material with recycled waste paper and forest certified. It is mainly used for packaging material for various items such as food and product packages.

  • Premium Packaging

    Premium paper that will enhance the look and feel of your packaging. Heighten your brand image with these premium packaging papers.

  • Facestock

    Facestock is the top side of the labels that information or images are printed. Hansol Paper provides top/non-top coated thermal papers and C1S products optimized for labels.

  • Release liner

    Release liner is the bottom side of the labels and protects the adhesive surface of the labels. Hansol Paper offers non-PE products such as Hansol Glassine, Hansol CCK, Hansol SCK and Hansol PEK optimized for PE processing.


    SUBLI-MATE offers a comprehensive product portfolio which is suitable for various type of printers and its speeds to cover wide range of application. Whatever your main applications are, our portfoilo can support you to be more competitive.

  • Non Top Coated

    A product coated with a thermal coating on base paper, which is used for receipts, ATMs, etc.

  • Top Coated

    A product with overcoating on top of Non Top Coated Thermal Paper. The image is preserved longer compare to NTC and is more resistanct to external environment which is used for Label, tickets etc.

  • High-Gloss Paper

    High-Gloss Paper is a glossy work of art suitable for the printability and aluminium plywood on the back side.

  • Flame Retardant Wallpapers

    For the safety of fire, flame retardant wallpaper prevents combustion even if it catches fire.

  • Duracle

    Duracle is a new material made from microfibers of cellulose, the most widely spread and available natural substance on the planet. Duracle, manufactured through various pretreatment processes, can greatly improve dispersion stability, thixotropy, and even mechanical strength due to its unique formation of a three-dimensional network structure in water. As an eco-friendly material, it can be applied to different industries due to its harmlessness to the human body, its transparent optical properties, and its low coefficient of thermal expansion.