Hansol Paper has been concentrating its investment on developing nano cellulose from pulp, the raw material for paper, since 2010, and as a result the company has set up the production system since late 2018. We are striving to advance into the material industry beyond the paper industry through nano cellulose, which has great potential for business expansion across different industries.

  • Duracle

    #Eco-friendly/high strength material

    The nanocellulose is an eco-friendly material come from the pulp and its weight is only one-fifth of the iron but its strength is five times stronger. This product can be applied to different industries through the improvement of the property of rheology such as dispersion stability and viscosity control, etc., and by giving such performances as lightweight through strength improvement, dimensional stability, and transparency, etc.

    A new material made of nano-sized* fibers from wood-derived fiber (pulp), the most widely existing natural material on the planet.
    * 1nm=10−9m

    Concentration (%) Duracle A (Gel, 2%), Duracle B (Gel, 3-10%), Duracle AP (Powder, 90%-), Duracle BP (Powder, 90%-)
    Color Transparent (Duracle A), White (Duracle B/AP/BP)
    End Uses dispersion stability, viscosity control, strength improvement, etc.