Functional Paper Packaging

Functional paper is a sustainable flexible packaging material with barrier, heat sealing and a range of performance completed with our innovative technologies. It can be applied from food packing to pouch according to the customer's needs.

  • Barrier Paper Hansol EB (Eco Barrier)

    #High oxygen, water barrier functionlities #Recyclable #Suitable for direct food contact #Available in different grammages #Outstanding printing quality and good pritning openability #Available of offset, gravure, digital printing and etc.

    Hansol EB (Eco Barrier) is an eco-friendly paper material with excellent blocking and high seal performance. Hansol's state-of-the-art technology enables oxygen, moisture, grease and aroma to be blocked by Barrier Paper alone without lamination or coating processes. It is also an eco-friendly, recyclable material that can replace aluminum foil and plastic.

    Recyclable on paper, Reduced aluminum, plastic film usage

    Basis Weight (g/m2) 54, 70, 90
    Color White
    End Uses Cosmetics: sheet mask, disposable lotion, etc
    Foods: health supplements, dried foods, powder, tea, coffee bean, etc
    confectionery, hygiene, shampoo, tooth paste, wet wipe, hand sanitizer, etc