Since the declaration of Hansol Environmental Charter in 1993, Hansol Paper has taken the lead in green management framework.

Vision of environment-friendly management
Becoming a world-class environment-friendly company
Basic principles
  • Recognizing the company’s social responsibility, business ethics and harmonizing with nature across all operations.
  • Progressive environment-friendly management with the spirit of challenge and creation.
  • Leading environmental preservation activities at a worldwide level.
Behavior guidelines
  • All of Hansol’s employees recognize the following guidelines and follow them as their top management priorities.
  • First, pursue the harmony of development and preservation across all operations.
  • Second, minimize environmental burden on the earth, by expanding environment-friendly product lines and services.
  • Third, achieve an environment-friendly community by leading environmental preservation activities.

Green management strategies: Vision 2020 Hansol Paper is proactively responding to the climate change by establishing 3-step master plan.

녹색경영 3단계 Master Plan
1st : 1988 - 2006
  • Establishment and enactment of zero pollutant emission
  • Establishment and enactment of long term plans of energy reduction
2nd : 2007 - 2012
  • Building systems in order to respond to climate change
  • Expansion of eco-friendly product lines
3rd : 2013 - 2020
  • Cost effective heat source and conversion of new renewable energy
  • Investment for greenhouse gas reduction