Hansol Paper has made a contribution to make our society better by means of sharing, love, and sympathy.

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Since our forestation project in 1966, we have planted environment purifying trees to keep forestation sites nationwide, to achieve our ‘green dream’. Also, our workplaces around the country have taken the lead in the environment restoration movement via nature protection and purification such as “Every workplace cares for one stream”
Support for natural environment: Han River Forest Development
Besides the forestation project, Hansol Paper was the first company to participate in the civic society-led movement ‘Han River Forest development’. Over 50 of our executives and employees take part in each session of a project called “Bring Yeoido Sat river forest Back” by planting 500 willow trees every year.
‘Hansol Nanumi’ the volunteer service group
Through the volunteer service group ‘Hansol Nanumi’ Hansol Paper raises funds on a regular basis for social welfare centers, senior citizens who live alone and for centers for the disabled. In addition, we visit diverse centers and fellow citizens who are in need for volunteer service.
Support for the disadvantaged in the community
Since the foundation, Hansol Paper has sought to be a company which grows together with the community and helped the disadvantaged in our community. Hansol Paper has not only participated in community services such as adolescent support programs like learn fare and sisterhood relationship programs, but also has led various activities such as briquette delivery, gimjang(preparation of kim-chi for the winter) Sharing event, holiday gift support, house renovation, bathing service and repairing household facilities for senior citizens who live alone.
Support for senior waste paper collectors living alone
Hansol Paper has developed a donation program for the senior citizens who collect waste paper, by consuming recycled paper. Every 1% of profits from selling eco-friendly recycled paper by Hansol, will be used for providing rice and daily necessities to senior citizens living alone who collect paper for their living. (senior paper collectors)
Constructing schools in underdeveloped areas of Africa
In 2013, Hansol Paper has made a cooperation with the international child relief organization ‘Save the Children’, and held an MOU ceremony to donate 450million won within the next 3 years.
Money was raised through the donation “1% love-sharing funds” by our executive and employees, and has been used to build schools in underdeveloped areas in Africa where key industrial and educations infrastructure were destroyed during the civil war, such as Sierra Leone and Liberia.