The R&D Center of Hansol Paper has led the development of paper technology since its foundation in 1979 as the first paper manufacturing research institute in Korea. In 1994, it has expanded and restructured into Hansol Institute of Science & Technology, and was renamed to Technology Research Institute in 2002, and again to R&D Center of Hansol Paper in 2013. We are not only enhancing paper manufacturing technologies, but also conducting in depth R&D activities regarding printing and analysis of related technologies. At the same time, we are playing a pivotal role in securing future growth engines through the development of next generation new materials.

The R&D Center is operated in relation to paper manufacturing technology, specialty paper, new materials, and planning divisions. Its main field of research is to enhance productivity and consistency of products through new technology, development of new specialty paper such as thermal paper, and new materials for the future. It also provides technical assistance to effectively support R&D activities for printing technology and equipment development. Also, we are making efforts to be equipped with global competitiveness to excel in the paper manufacturing industry through cooperation with industries, universities and research centers.
In addition, we possess pilot coater, pilot refiner, and various analytic and printing test facilities through the continuous investment for the best research infrastructure. Thus, we have the best R&D capabilities in this industry.

The center will make every effort to achieve the company’s differentiated advantages, prepare new technologies and products for the future, which will allow Hansol to maintain the leadership in the domestic paper manufacturing market.