Thermal paper

As they say fancy paper is a fashion item, our fancy paper with various patterns and colors is widelyused for packaging of products. It is greatly divided into color, patterned, watermark paper, and fiberpapers and we have led the Korean fancy paper market by meeting the diversified preferences ofend-users.

Key Products

Featuring the high quality texture and excellent printing quality, Montblanc is high bulk paper withgreat brightness and whiteness. It is ideal to print vibrant colors and features excellent thickness incomparison to its basis weight as well as the natural texture of paper. Montblanc is perfect for printinghigh-quality publications as it provides a great amount of opacity and quick ink drying time. Aboveof all, the quality gap between the front and back of paper is small enough, which makes it ideal fordouble-sided printing.
The only eco-friendly paper among high-end printing papers available in Korea, Encore, is made from55% recycled content. No chlorine bleaching or fluorescent pigment is used in the manufacture ofthis paper, which allowed it to obtain the Korean Environmental Mark, a first in the industry. Encoreprovides the great quality and marketability, featuring an elegant beauty, a rich texture, and an excellentgloss. It has been developed as a product with a similar texture and quality to ‘Ensemble’ and hasthe smooth texture of high bulk paper.
A rough gloss paperRenaissance is popular for its silky texture and ability to print vibrant colors amongdesigners. This affordable priced, economic paper provides an authentic elegance, high ink glossinessand printability rendering vivid, clear colors.In addition, the silk like texture and smooth surface ofRenaissance features outstanding printability and colors in comparison to existing rough gloss papers.The high stiffness of the paper gives a pleasant feeling with an adequate elasticitywhen turning pages,makes it easy to read the contents printed on Renaissance, and improves the quality of the printouts.