Specialty Paper

Specialty paper is higher value-added paper, which requires advanced R&D capacity and production know-how. This paper is widely used as fine paper(colored/ patterned), high quality printing paper, ink jet paper(sublimation transfer paper), release liner(glassine paper), paper giros, sterilized paper and glass protective paper, etc. Hansol Paper, having the best state of the art technology and know-how in Korea, is leading the specialized market by strengthening the portfolio of specialty paper.

Key Products

INSPER M is produced for your design inspiration. INSPER M has three textures; Rough, Smooth and Eggshell. With its various colors(Super White, Extra White, White) and basis weight diversities from 90g to 400g, INSPER M is ideal for making posters, shopping bags, calenders, catalogyes etc.
Magic Color Magic Color 바로가기 - 새창
"Magic Color" is a premium stock that boasts a smooth texture and a wide variety of color choices. Over 50 shades, both vivid and pastel, are available to cater to the individual needs of designers.
Magic Silk Magic Silk 바로가기 - 새창
The silky smooth feel of "Magic Silk" realized by post-coating in combination with its sophisticated colors, makes this paper well suited for premium packages and the reproduction of digital artworks.
Festival Festival 바로가기 - 새창
Festival comes in diverse colors and patterns. Its unique, exuberant texture perfected with embossed patterns adds sparkle to any finished product.
Hi-Q Label Glassine Paper Hi-Q Label Glassine Paper 바로가기 - 새창
The Hi-Q Label Glassine Paper is produced thorugh special mechanical treatment of highly refined pulp and pressure process. Its excellent transparency and smoothness of the surface makes it ideal to be used for automatic labeling machines. It is used as the back side of label stickers for food&beverage, personal care goods and parcel etc.
Hi-Q Label Release Liner Hi-Q Label Release Liner 바로가기 - 새창
Hi-Q Label Release Liner is the paper used for the back side of the label sticker. Released liner helps to protect the adhesive part of the label sticker. The label sticker consists of the upper part(printed part) and the lower part(release liner). When these two parts are attached, it becomes the label sticker.
Subli-Mate Subli-Mate 바로가기 - 새창
Subli-Mate is the paper that enables indirect printing on the fabrics that are difficult to print directly. By applying heat to the sublimation paper through heat transfer printer, printed image of the sublimation paper is transferred to the fabric as it is. Mainly, the sublimation paper is used for the image transfer for fashion clothing, sports wear and signage. Especailly, Hansol Inkjet sublimation paper has high transfer density and clear transfer image.