Printing and Writing Paper

Printing and writing paper is produced primarily with pulp and the three main types are wood-free uncoated paper, MFC(Machine Finished Coated paper), and wood-free coated paper. wood-free uncoated paper and MFC are used for textbooks, books and diaries, whereas wood-free coated paper is used for high quality catalogues, company newsletters, calendars and etc. All our printing and writing paper has consistent quality, excellent stiffness and the ink dries quickly. Thus, companies who have chosen us will be able to improve productivity.
The unique production system “4 Cycle/Month” implemented by Hansol, has helped to upgrade the service of responding to short-term delivery. In addition, we protect our customers from paper quality related issues by implementing a campaign,‘Claim Zero, Full Compensation’. With our long term experience and capacity regarding the recyclable materials, we respond to the demand for eco-friendly recycled paper and have environmental certificates such as FSC and Carbon certification.

Key Products

Titan Gloss Titan Gloss 바로가기 - 새창
Titan Gloss features for high stiffness and bulk. With its excellent productivity and enhanced run speeds, Titan Gloss is ideal for high quality catalogues, annual reports, posters and phamplets.
Titan Dull Titan Dull 바로가기 - 새창
Titan Dull is suitable for making fast print results with its excellent feeding and enhanced run speeds. Its fast ink setting and drying makes less delay for work and turn.
Titan Matt Titan Matt 바로가기 - 새창
Titan Matt is the perfect choice for offset litho, letterpress, flexographic and digital printing. With its fast ink setting and drying, this product has consistent quality.
Titan Art Titan Art 바로가기 - 새창
Titan Art's outstanding print surface and high quality that prevents any set off or smudgig makes superior print results.
Titan C1S
Titan C1S provides high stiffness and color reproductivity. Titan C1S is ideal product for shopping bags.