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Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. is the starting point and source of Hansol Corporation, and the center of the paper industry in Korea.
Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. has contributed to the prosperity of Korean culture and the development of Korea’s economy through paper, ever since the late Byeong-cheol Lee, President of Samsung Corporation, acquired Saehan Paper Co., Ltd. in October 1965 and it launched its first product on October 1, 1968.
A Company that is Creating the World’s Best Value
On the strength of our high-tech facilities such as Janghang Mill, the source of our high-quality printing & writing paper, Daejon Mill which manufacturers paperboard for industrial use, and Cheonan Mill which produces specialty paper, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. has developed an international level of competitiveness. In addition, we are fully committed to becoming closer to our customers through continuous R&D and improvement of customer service.
Ceaseless Development and a ‘Quality First’ Spirit
Through an integrated marketing system linking our overseas marketing base with production, distribution and sales both in domestic and international markets, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. is exporting more than 50% of all production to advanced markets such as the US and Japan and 50 other world markets. In addition, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. is carrying out full-scale sales activities overseas. Through our ceaseless efforts for product quality, from production to distribution, we have obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. The quality of our products is widely acknowledged, both in domestic and international markets.
Hansol Paper is Opening toward the World
By becoming the first Korean paper company to adopt the ERP system, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. Has achieved a level of management efficiency that is equal to that of the world’s most advanced companies. Based on our internationally-recognized quality and technical competitiveness, we are stepping forward to become a world-renowned paper producer. In addition, under our corporate slogan of “Evergreen Hansol,” we have further expanded our environmentally-friendly management. Through inter- and intra-company investments in various areas such as distribution, service, and environmental care related to paper production. Hansol Paper is actively discovering the new profitable business areas of the 21st century, and is continually growing toward becoming an internationally-renowned paper producer.