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(Message from a wife to her husband) " Because of you, my life becomes special again today. Thank you"

Company Introduction

Paper is a bowl of daily life and a companion to a better future.

Our pledge is to elevate the level of culture and to bring forward economic development.  Since its inception in 1965, Hansol Paper has grown into a global corporation with a widespread portfolio across the whole range including printing, industrial and specialty papers.

quality material from the nature becomes technology with craftmanship,

reaching all over the world, and creates better tomorrow.

Hansol Paper stands by you.  .

We continue with our endeavor even today to create value on a single sheet of paper.

1965. 1: Estalishment of Saehan Paper Co. Ltd.

1967. 7: Groundbreaking ceremony of Jeonju Mill

1968. 8: Changed the company name to Jeonju Paper Co. Ltd.

1979.12: Establishment of Paper Technology Institute

1990. 4: Groundbreaking ceremony of Janghang Mill

1991.11: Declaration of independent management, separated from Samsung Group

1992. 5: Completion of PM21 at Janghang Mill

1992.10: Changed the company name to Hansol Paper Co. Ltd.

1994. 2: Groundbreaking ceremony of Daejeon Mill

1994. 5: Completion of PM22 at Janghang Mill

1994. 8: ISO 9002 Accreditation

1995.10: Completion of PM31 at Daejeon Mill

2004.11: Trade Day Award for Achievement of 400 Million USD

2009. 1: Acquisition of Artone Paper

2011. 2: Acquisition of HansolPapertech (홈페이지에는 DaehanPapertech 인수로 되어있음)

2013. 9: Acquisition of Schades

Janghang Mill

This is Janghang Mill where environmentally friendly printing and thermal papers are being produced.

At Janghang Mill, vertical integration – base papers, coating, and conversion providesmore efficient processes. 

In May 2013, we successfully rebuilt an existing paper coater which now produces not only printing papers but also thermal printing papers. Janghang is now one of the top 3 major production facilities for thermal printing papers in the world!

We also secured the technology of using recycled pulp and currently in the process of producing environment friendly printing papers.

As one of the world's largest producers of thermal printing papers, we will spare no effort in the development of new types of papers.

Environment friendly high quality printing paper 540,000MT, Thermal printing paper 110,000MT

Annual production capacity of 650,000MT

High speed production at 1,400m(4,000ft)/min / Wide width of 5m(200 inch)

QCS, DSC Automated production and quality control system

High flexibility, Superior surface properties / Procurement of Glassine core quality

Utilization of environment friendly dip

Operation of innovative 6SIGMA program

Global mill, ranked third in the world, with the production of printing and thermal papers

Daejoen Mill

This is Hansol Paper's Daejoen Mill, where world's best quality white duplex board is being produced at 600,000MT annually.

This is where superior quality environment friendly papers are being created from high quality recycled materials, collected through highly efficient waste paper collection system in Korea, being put through thorough cleaning facilities to remove any foreign particles.

Every pollutant created in this process is completely treated with our internal environmental facilities.

Daejoen Mill continue to practice our journey in the future as a true environment friendly company by improving energy efficiency of our air conditioning system.

250,000m2 in size

Annual production capacity of 600,000MT of white duplex board.

99.7% use of recycled paper in comparison to other companies

Thorough cleaning facilities

Perfect environment facilities (Meaning facilities to block every polluting material through internal environment treatment facilities)

Highly energy efficient air conditioning facilities

Cheonan Mill

This is Hansol Paper's Cheonan Mill, where colored papers, wrapping papers and attractive fancy papers are being produced.

This is where variety of high value added paper are produced such as

fancy papers with polished designs and variety of colors,

pressure sensitive (carbonless) papers where small ink capsules are coated on paper surface,

high-end printing papers boasting superior printing quality etc

In the future, Cheonan Mill continues to play its role in vitalizing fancy paper industry by making new products that customers want.

Annual production capacity of 100,000MT of fancy papers.

Production of variety of high value papers.


All of our manufactured products are delivered accurately and safely to customers through Hansol's internal logistics system.

Stable delivery through internal CSN


Hansol's quality and service, that customers want, are being completed at its technology institute, which is the first one to be established in Korea.

Not a single piece of paper is left out of our attention in the process,

and our printing constantly adapts to new needs of our customers.

As we lead the latest trend of new technology,

Hansol Paper shapes our tomorrow.

Possession of pilot test facilities, the only one in Korea

Paper test / Product test / Radiation test

"Tomorrow of paper, heading for people"

Social Contribution

Even through this rapidly changing time, one thing that remains

would be the infinite value and possibility that paper can bring.

Like the first touch of soft and warm paper,

Hansol Paper seeks a bright and affectionate world

in our sharing hopes with people,

supporting various fields,

and making ardent devotion to take care of the nature.

1% contribution campaign / Support solitude waste paper collecting elderly people / Building schools in remote areas in Africa

Support Culture and Art 'Museum SAN' / Support in sports 'Support Tennis Players'

Creating Han River Forest / 1 Company caring for 1 River Campaign / Operation of afforested lands across the country

Environmental Friendly Management

Company, which has never violated a single environmental regulation with its more strict standard than the law

Company ceaselessly creating improvement programs for the environmental management.

With its own activities for reducing greenhouse gas and restoration project of eco system

To establish itself as world-class environmental company, Hansol Paper is continually growing green with it "Green Management Vision 2020" strategy.

"Investment of 15 Billion won in R&D for environment friendly products, 1% of its revenue"

"Launching of 12 environment friendly types of papers"

"Reduction of Greenhouse Gas" "Restoration of Eco-system"

"Green Management Vision 2020"

Global Vision

As shown above, the values and products, pursued by Hansol Paper,

are reaching for the larger world,

beyond Asia, US and Europe.

The company, as a global comprehensive paper producer,

realizes the goal of customer satisfaction and environment preservation,

with its emphasis on the development of products, not in contradiction to the environment.

Adoption of ERP system, the first ever in the industry

Implementation of Environmental Management System

Integration of environmental management and quality management system


Now Hansol Paper,

will be with the vision of our global customers,

through newer and more valuable culture.

Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. is the starting point and source of Hansol Corporation, and the center of the paper industry in Korea.
Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. has contributed to the prosperity of Korean culture and the development of Korea’s economy through paper, ever since the late Byeong-cheol Lee, President of Samsung Corporation, acquired Saehan Paper Co., Ltd. in October 1965 and it launched its first product on October 1, 1968.
A Company that is Creating the World’s Best Value
On the strength of our high-tech facilities such as Janghang Mill, the source of our high-quality printing & writing paper, Daejon Mill which manufacturers paperboard for industrial use, and Cheonan Mill which produces specialty paper, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. has developed an international level of competitiveness. In addition, we are fully committed to becoming closer to our customers through continuous R&D and improvement of customer service.
Ceaseless Development and a ‘Quality First’ Spirit
Through an integrated marketing system linking our overseas marketing base with production, distribution and sales both in domestic and international markets, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. is exporting more than 50% of all production to advanced markets such as the US and Japan and 50 other world markets. In addition, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. is carrying out full-scale sales activities overseas. Through our ceaseless efforts for product quality, from production to distribution, we have obtained ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. The quality of our products is widely acknowledged, both in domestic and international markets.
Hansol Paper is Opening toward the World
By becoming the first Korean paper company to adopt the ERP system, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. Has achieved a level of management efficiency that is equal to that of the world’s most advanced companies. Based on our internationally-recognized quality and technical competitiveness, we are stepping forward to become a world-renowned paper producer. In addition, under our corporate slogan of “Evergreen Hansol,” we have further expanded our environmentally-friendly management. Through inter- and intra-company investments in various areas such as distribution, service, and environmental care related to paper production. Hansol Paper is actively discovering the new profitable business areas of the 21st century, and is continually growing toward becoming an internationally-renowned paper producer.