Specialty Paper

Specialty paper is higher value-added paper, which requires advanced R&D capacity and production know-how. This paper is widely used as fine paper(colored/ patterned), high quality printing paper, ink jet paper(sublimation transfer paper), release liner(glassine paper), paper giros, sterilized paper and glass protective paper, etc. Hansol Paper, having the best state of the art technology and know-how in Korea, is leading the specialized market by strengthening the portfolio of specialty paper.

Key Products

High gloss Paper
It is a non-fluorescent high gloss paper. After PE lamination it is used for lids of cup noodles and food packaging. Hansol is the only domestic manufacturer that supplies high gloss paper to Korean major retailers.
Hi-Q Label Glassine Paper
The Hi-Q label glassine paper is produced through special mechanical treatment of highly refined pulp. Its excellent transparency makes it ideal to use it for automatic labeling machines. It is a release liner of labels for living goods, confectionery and parcel.
Hi-Q Label Release Paper
It is a type of release liner which is normally used after PE lamination.
Featuring both the high quality texture and excellent printing quality, Montblanc is a high bulk paper with great brightness and whiteness, thus it is ideal to print vibrant colors. It also features excellent thickness in comparison to its basis weight as well as the natural texture of paper. Montblanc is perfect for printing high quality publications as it provides a great amount of opacity and quick ink drying time. Because there is little quality difference between the sides of the paper, it guarantees the best result of double-side printing.
Encore is the only eco-friendly fine paper available in Korea, and 55% of the base material is recycled paper. Also it does not contain chlorine bleaching(ECF) or fluorescent pigment; thus it has proudly obtained the first Korea Eco-Label. Even with the eco-friendly features it provides great quality and marketability featuring rich texture, excellent gloss and high bulk similar as the ‘Ensemble’.