Carton Board

Carton board is used as various packaging materials for medicines, confectionary, daily supplies, etc. Along with global economic growth and the increase in demand of carton boards, the carton board market is continuously growing which satisfies diversified consumer’s needs such as small packaging. Coated recycled board(CRB) is an environmentally friendly product made up with more than 90% of recycled paper. With superior cost and quality competitiveness, plus advanced capacity to provide silted rolls, Hansol leads the carton board market in Korea. Moreover, we aim to become a major supplier in the global market.

Key Products

This coated recycled board(CRB) is our company’s top item for both domestic and export as it provides outstanding durability and thickness, making it ideal for manufacturing strong packages. It is mainly used for food packaging(confectionery), living goods(detergents), cosmetics/perfumes, clothing/accessories, toys and medicine packaging.
Hi-Q ACB/SB is ideal for storage and delivery of products as it is specialized for packaging agricultural products featuring excellent durability.
It is a thick strong yellow-colored CRB which has excellent durability and water-proof feature making it ideal for packaging food such as pizza, fried chicken, etc.
As both sides of Hi-Q IV are white, it is printable on both sides of the paper. Also the thick and strong features of Hi-Q IV makes it ideal for high-quality packaging such as medical items, or clothing and underwear packaging boxes.
Hi-Q AB+
Hi-Q AB+ has a specialized Barrier Coating, which provides oil-proof and water-proof features and enables excellent printing with small amount of ink. It is mainly used for food containers, high-quality packaging and books for babies.
Made from 100% kraft pulp, this carton board features excellent printing quality, high gloss, and outstanding whiteness. It is a non-fluorescent paper mainly used for various types of paper cups, cup noodle containers, etc.