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Hansol Paper announces license agreement for EarthCoating technology
Write 한솔제지 Date 2016-01-26

Hansol Paper announces license agreement for EarthCoating technology

Posted by Anne Marie Mohan October 13, 2015 | Post first comment
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Hansol Paper has entered license agreement with Smart Planet Technologies. Under the agreement, Hansol Paper will offer barrier-coated paperboards using EarthCoatingTM technology, a mineralized barrier coating that will be applied to its duplex board materials.

According to Smart Planet, EarthCoating resins contain less plastic than traditional low-density polyethylene coatings, are heat-sealable, are engineered for recyclability, are FDA-Compliant for food contact, and provide an excellent print surface.

Says Sang-Hun Lee, CEO of Hansol Paper, “Since the declaration of Hansol Environmental Charter in 1993, Hansol Paper has taken the lead in adoption and early settlement of a green management framework. Consistent with our Vision 2020 master plan, Hansol looks to expand the development of eco-friendly product lines.”

With EarthCoating, Hansol plans to continue expanding its offering of more eco-friendly solutions, including high-performance coated duplex board for its markets. At a later date, Hansol Paper plans to announce commercial availability of its duplex board product lines specific to end-use applications using various formulas of EarthCoating barriers.

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