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Korea’s Hansol becomes a holding firm following restructuring
Write 한솔제지 Date 2018-07-09

SINGAPORE, 28 April 2015 (RISI) - South Korea's largest paper and board (P&B) producer, Hansol Paper, has transformed itself into a holding company and renamed itself Hansol Holdings, following the completion of a corporate restructuring.

The move is aimed at streamlining the group's corporate management, enabling it to concentrate on P&B operations while spinning off non-P&B business, according to a spokesman.

The old moniker, Hansol Paper, has been retained and is being used by a subsidiary of Hansol Holdings that handles the group's P&B manufacturing and marketing.

Hansol Paper owns six mills in South Korea, producing mainly fine paper, cartonboard and thermal paper. They have a total capacity of 2 million tonnes/yr.

In the face of shrinking fine paper demand domestically and overseas, the firm has striven to sustain its P&B business through diversification into thermal base paper production.

It has made inroads into the European payment system printing paper market over the past few years.

Last year, it acquired a Dutch firm, the Telrol Group, a European leader in self-adhesive labels servicing the food, retail, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, home and personal care, logistics and chemical industries.

In the previous year, Hansol Paper bought Danish thermal paper converter Schades.

The two acquisitions have enabled Hansol Paper to become a leading supplier of point of sale receipts and self-adhesive labels for the retail business across Europe, according to Telrol.

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